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Beverley Phillips Rising Star Program

Terms of Reference and Instructions for Applicants

This fund was established at the Snyder Institute in 2014 through a generous donation from Gordon and Beverley Phillips with the intention of recruiting outstanding PhD students and post-doctoral fellows to undertake research in autoimmune, inflammatory, immunological and infectious disorders.

Beverley Phillips' Scholarships


The award aims to recruit outstanding PhD students and postdoctoral fellows to innovative basic science and translational research training within the Snyder Institute through the offer of highly competitive scholarships/fellowships.


Applications are solicited from interested, prospective trainees external to the University of Calgary prior to their enrollment in a graduate or postdoctoral program, or from current trainees who had been recruited to the University of Calgary since the last previous Beverley Phillips award competition closing date.  For graduate scholarships, the award is contingent on acceptance into a full-time PhD program at the University of Calgary under the supervision of a full member of the Snyder Institute.

Students who hold a BSc, MSc and/or PhD (or equivalent) from the University of Calgary are ineligible to apply for a Beverley Phillips award.

Please note, only one student in a given laboratory may hold a Beverley Phillips or Paul Kubes award at any one time.

Graduate award applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • Acceptance into a full-time PhD program at the University of Calgary under the supervision of a full member of the Snyder Institute;
  • Students recruited from outside the University of Calgary into a masters’ program must first transfer, within the first year, to the PhD stream to become eligible to apply for a Beverley Phillips award;

Postdoctoral fellow applicants must have the following qualifications:

  • Earned their PhD, MD or equivalent degree less than 3 years before January 1st of the competition year;
  • If the degree is still pending, it must be awarded before 31st May of the competition year;
  • Supervised by a full member of the Snyder Institute.

Terms and Conditions: The purpose of this award is to attract students who will be highly competitive for external awards on the basis of academic performance and research excellence. Students holding a Beverley Phillips award are required to apply for all internal and external funding for which they are eligible, including those from provincial and national agencies. The Snyder component of the award will be pro-rated by the amount obtained from other sources.

Renewal of a Beverley Phillips award is contingent upon internal review of applications for internal and external scholarships, annual review of progress (including participation in Snyder academic activities) and a letter of support from the supervisor.



Number of Awards

Up to 2 per year, subject to available funding

Where Tenable

Snyder Institute, University of Calgary


The award guarantees an annual stipend of:

  • $30,000 plus a research allowance of up to $1,500/year for a PhD student; and
  • $50,000 plus a research allowance of up to $2,500/year for a PDF.

Applicants must provide a letter of support from their research supervisors committing to provide a component of the award ($12,000 for PhD and $20,000 for PDF) per year.


Two years maximum, subject to annual review prior to renewal

Award Process

The Education Committee of the Snyder Institute will administer the selection process. The Education Committee will be responsible for maintaining meeting minutes, circulating calls for applications and notifying successful and unsuccessful applicants. It is expected that supervisors of current award holders will serve as reviewers in the 2022 and/or future competitions.

The Education Committee Chair will be responsible for reporting to the Snyder Advisory Board on an annual basis regarding awardees, external funding awarded and finances.

The following criteria will be considered during the selection process:

  • Focus on chronic disease research;
  • Quality of candidate, academic excellence, research experience, awards;
  • Supervisor’s research and training environment: publications, grant support, experience in trainee supervision.

Application Deadline

The deadline for the next competition is Friday, 2nd December 2022 at 4:00 pm. Completed applications (excluding references) must be submitted as a single .pdf file to .

Application forms: