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Precision Medicine in Nephrology Program

The Precision Medicine in Nephrology Research Program (PMNP) is comprised of researchers and clinicians at the Snyder Institute, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary who share common interests in understanding the molecular and genetic mechanisms of kidney disease to define disease specific biomarkers, develop advanced diagnostic testing and targeted treatments for patients with kidney disease. 

Ultimately, our work is focused on producing novel evidence and data to support the integration of personalized testing and treatment options, or precision medicine, into clinical care in nephrology.

We are working to achieve these goals through basic research projects, clinical research projects, and by establishing a population-based biospecimen collection. Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease (BMCKD) to translate knowledge to patients with kidney disease.

PMNP Group

  • Dr. Daniel Muruve 
    Professor, Biobank Director
  • Dr. Justin Chun
    Assistant Professor, Assistant Director
  • Dr. Hallgrimur Benediktsson  
    Professor, Biobank Co-Director
  • Dr. Graciela Andonegui
    Program Manager
  • Kevin Chapman 
    Biobank Facilities Manager, Calgary Lab Services
  • Joyce Maloney
    Administrative Assistant
  • Sheila Li 
    Research Project Coordinator

Biobank Management Committee: Dr. Daniel Muruve, Dr. Hallgrimur Benediktsson, Dr. Justin Chun, Dr. Leland Baskin, Dr. Pietro Ravani, Dr. Susan Samuel, Leah Nichols and Danielle Meister.

For all media, research, and Biobank donations or participation inquiries, please contact: Graciela Andonegui, PhD Program Manager 403.210.7097

For direct contact to the Biobank, please contact: Kevin Chapman Biobank Facilities Administrator/Calgary Lab Services Liason 403.210.7866

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