Nicole Perkins MIcrobial Communities Labs

Core Resources

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Over the past several years, the Snyder Institute has invested heavily in a variety of core infrastructure. This core infrastructure features initiatives that enable both basic and clinical research at the Snyder Institute and is key to our success and scientific excellence.

Biobanking Resource Laboratory

Our goals are to:

  • To provide support for the research-related biobanking needs of the Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases.
  • To promote standardization across the biobanks within the institute and increase their exposure in their respective fields of research.

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Bioinstrumentation Labs

Provide shared instruments and equipment to Snyder researchers.

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Dianne and Irving Kipnes Lymphatic Imaging Suite

We are part of the Lymphedema Research and Education Program at UCalgary's Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases. Our goal is to use advanced imaging techniques to study the regulation of lymphatic system function in health and diseases. We provide the world-class microscopes to image events occur within tissue lymphatic vessels and lymph node. We provide our support to any researchers who share the interest in lymphatic research.

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Live Cell Imaging Facility

The vision of the Live Cell Imaging Facility (LCI) at UCalgary's Snyder Institute is to drive innovative research using cutting edge optical imaging technology. We provide intensive training and education, advice and intellectual input for research relying on optical imaging and image analysis. We also develop new applications and test new technologies for the benefit of our research community. The level of support is tailored to the individual researcher and can range from access to microscopes to full research collaborations.

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Mouse Phenomics Resource Laboratory

The mission of the Snyder Institute Mouse Phenomics Resource Laboratory is to assist researchers in the Snyder Institute and related faculties and to foster collaborations to promote high quality, world class research. We achieve this by providing support for in-vivo models of interest and by generating additional novel data through the development of new in-vivo screens and murine models in the field of acute and chronic inflammation and related chronic diseases. 

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Nicole Perkins Microbial Communities Core Labs

The Nicole Perkins Microbial Communities Core Labs at UCalgary's Snyder Institute is dedicated to characterizing host pathogens' interaction and the role of the microbial communities in health and disease using state-of-the technologies to identify new targets for research.The goal is to enhance the ability to deliver translational research and foster bench-to-bedside research collaboration between basic scientists and clinicians. 

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TAMARATT at UCalgary's Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases is Calgary’s largest respiratory research centre. Their mission is to advance scientific and clinical knowledge in respiratory medicine. They accomplish this through excellence in clinical research and provide detailed clinical assessments and cutting edge therapies. 

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