Trainee Research Day 2022

Snyder Trainee Committee

Welcome to the Snyder Institute Trainee Committee (SITC)

The Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases Trainee Committee (“Snyder Institute Trainee Committee” SITC) is composed of a broad range of trainees from across the Snyder Institute at the Masters, PhD, and Post-Doctoral Fellow level, whose mandate is to foster a sense of community among Snyder Institute trainees, enhance their training experience within the Institute, and represent the interests of trainees within the Snyder Institute. The SITC is tasked with identifying and executing opportunities to achieve these goals as they align with the Snyder Institute Education Committee and the overall Institute’s vision and mission.

The aim of the SITC is to improve the overall experience for all trainees in the Snyder labs and beyond through the following:

  1. Provide educational opportunities through academic events,
  2. Encourage trainees to become active members of the community through outreach events;
  3. Foster strong relationships between trainees through social event

The Snyder Institute Trainee Committee is always looking for more volunteers and new recruits. Visit the ABOUT page to learn more about each team and e-mail the SITC:

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