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Alberta urged to take strong steps to prevent outbreaks against measles as Europe battles outbreaks

Dr. Craig Jenne, PhD, says that right now, without measles necessarily being in the province, "this is our opportunity to ensure we offer vaccines, we remind parents, we make this convenient."

Serious bacterial infections causing pneumonia, meningitis are on the rise in Alberta

Snyder Institute member Dr. Jim Kellner, MD, says there's been an increase at all age groups in the cases and an increase in the rate of cases to the highest levels he has ever seen, and it is a concern to see these kinds of sustained big numbers this year.

British Columbia fights to stop the spread of fatal ‘zombie deer disease’ in Yellowstone National Park, a nature reserve

Snyder member Dr. Herman Schätzl, MD, PhD, says the rapid spread of the disease across North America and Scandinavia – and the likelihood of it becoming more variable over time – should raise concerns.

Video: Snyder member Dr. Marie-Claire Arrieta shares insights into her lifelong study of the human microbiome

Dr. Arrieta, recently inducted into the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists, discusses her research program, which studies the establishment of the microbiome during early life and its influence in pediatric immune, metabolic and neurological development.

Video: Snyder member Dr. Joe Harrison discusses new approaches in chronic infectious disease treatments

Dr. Harrison's discovery of heat-sensing enzymes and biofilm susceptibility to toxic metals are examples of applications that arise from fundamental research that many never thought possible.

Video: Children in Cameroon have become the first people in the world to be vaccinated against malaria

Snyder Institute member Dr. Dylan Pillai, MD, PhD says this new routine malaria vaccine program introduced in Cameroon has been a long time coming and is a major step forward in preventing the disease.

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