Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases Research Equipment Grant


The Research Equipment Grant is designed to assist Snyder Institute members in funding low-cost, essential equipment. This grant is intended to enhance existing or proposed research activities, external funding prospects, and advance our programs by supporting the purchase of multi-user, necessary equipment. Priority will be given to applications that place (i) new equipment in a Snyder Core facility, (ii) multi-user equipment placed in common space within a research group or a PI laboratory, and then (iii) equipment in an individual PI’s laboratory.


  • The Principal Investigator and the majority of collaborators must be primary members of the Snyder Institute.
  • In the event where there is significant involvement with members from other institutes, shared funding may be considered with other institutes.
  • It is permissible to submit more than one application per investigator per deadline. An investigator can be a co-investigator on more than one application.
  • Equipment used for clinical research purposes is eligible.
  • Equipment that was purchased on an emergency basis within 6 months of the deadline is eligible. Note: pre-purchase of equipment does not provide additional merit to the grant application.


General Information


  • The grant is targeted at providing funding for essential, multi-user equipment.
  • Applicants should demonstrate availability of other funds on hand to cover operating costs or any other costs associated with the equipment.
  • All applications will be reviewed on a competitive basis.
  • Successful applications will be supported on a 50 (Snyder Instute funds): 50 (research group/PI funds) basis, with the Snyder Instute contributing a maximum of $20,000 for a single request (new purchase, upgrade, etc.) ($25,000 is available from the Snyder Instute in each Small Equipment Grant).
  • In the case where a piece of equipment is located in an individual PI’s laboratory, we suggest they consider user fees as a means to sustain/upgrade the apparatus as needed.


Deadlines for applications are at 11:59 PM on:

Deadlines Funding Date
October 16 - Extended to October 23 December 1
June 16 August 1


Recipients must acknowledge the support of the Snyder Institute in all scientific communications and press releases related to their award.

Applicants who have not submitted an Annual Outcomes Report will not be considered for further Equipment Grant funding.

Use of Funds

Expense eligibility is generally governed by institutional policy and procedure (i.e. the Travel and Expense Reimbursement Handbook) and program aims.

Examples of eligible costs include:

  • New equipment purchase, upgrades to equipment, maintenance/replacement of aged equipment
  • Shipping/delivery and/or customs/brokerage charges related to equipment purchase
  • Training for equipment
  • Software and licenses

Examples of ineligible costs include:

  • Salary and benefits
  • Service contracts
  • Insurance
  • Operating costs
  • Consumables
  • Office furniture, computers and peripherals
  • Construction/renovation
  • Equipment located outside of the Snyder Institute organization


Applications will be reviewed and adjudicated by Snyder Institute Infrastructure Committee members without direct conflict of interest to the grant process. Two members will evaluate each application using the Research Equipment Evaluation Form, their results will be averaged, and the application(s) with the highest evaluation score(s) will be chosen for funding. The committee will then report their decision to the Snyder Operations and Snyder Executive Committee, followed by formal notification of Awardees.

The committee reserves the right to consult with external reviewers if needed. Partial awards may be offered in some cases.

Research Equipment Evaluation Form

Review Criteria

The reviewers will use the Research Equipment Evaluation form to review the applications. Each reviewer will assign a score for each section as outlined in the evaluation form based on the justification given. The evaluation criteria will include:

  1. Merit of program to be supported and the potential impact
    • Enhances the research capabilities and profile of the investigator(s)
    • Supports research that is currently peer-review funded
    • Enhances investigator’s ability to attract peer-reviewed funding
    • Addresses a strategic priority of the Snyder Institute
    • Addresses a health outcome problem OR addresses a major block to research productivity
    • Has a plan for describing outputs and effectiveness
  2. Need
    • Facilitates research that is not possible with the present infrastructure
    • Need to upgrade or replace obsolete or failed equipment
    • Similar equipment is not available in vicinity
  3. Compatibility and Synergy
    • Equipment realistically enhances the research endeavors of the co-applicants and other investigators
    • Synergy with other equipment and/or research programs
  4. Funds Requested
    • Provision of funding contribution
    • The equipment requested is reasonable and represents ‘good value for money’
    • Realistic plans to cover the operating and maintenance costs of the equipment

Other Considerations

The following additional aspects (in order of importance) will be considered in the review process:

  • Whether applications demonstrate a need for funding. Depending on the program’s budget envelope, smaller requests may be easier to fund than larger requests;
  • Whether applications include matching funds and/or are leveraged with other contributions, including in-kind contributions;
  • Whether applications lead to external grant submissions to the tri-agencies.

While all eligible faculty members are encouraged to apply, applications from early career researchers may be ranked higher in relation to mid-career and senior scholars. New applicants to the program may also be ranked higher than those applicants who have received funding in the past.

Application items

The attached application form will be completed and must contain the following:

  1. A completed Research Equipment Application Form, signed by the Principal Investigator and Co-Applicants. Please only include co-applicants who can be justified as collaborators and/or directly utilizing the equipment in the next 1 to 3 years.
    • Ensure the “Applicant” and “Request Information” sections are completed and all applicable sections in the “Justification” section are completed. 
    • Only check/complete the justification sections that are applicable to your application. Weak or blank justification sections will not improve the application.
  2. A quote with specifications from at least one vendor outlining the details of equipment and price, dated within 30 days of the application deadline.

Application Form

Submission Process

Applications will be submitted in PDF format as a single document by 11:59PM on the application deadline date to the e-mail account.

Funding Process

  1. Purchase and payment for awarded items must be completed within 3 months of the award notice. If this timeline is not possible due to the vendor and/or the equipment you are ordering, please advise the Snyder Institute’s Business Office ( as soon as possible. If awarded, the Snyder Office will provide an accounting string to the successful PI to allow purchase of the equipment.
  2. If awarded, only the equipment in the application is eligible for institutional reimbursement. Any changes in the equipment applied for requires approval for eligible Institute support. Please send your request to