Tao Dong


Department of Ecosystem and Public Health, Veterinary Medicine

Full Member

Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases

PhD in Microbiology

McMaster University, Canada

Postdoctoral - Banting Fellow

Harvard Medical School

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Joy Punsalan
Phone: 403.210.6085
Email: maryjoy.punsalan@ucalgary.ca 


Research and teaching

Research areas

  • Immunology and Infectious Disease

Research Activities

My research interests include understanding the molecular adaptation mechanisms by which bacteria survive in stress environment and interact with competing species.  Bacteria have developed complex regulatory networks that control gene expression to respond to different environmental stimuli from the host and the environment. We study the Type Six Secretion System (T6SS) that exists in 25% Gram-negative bacteria including many human pathogens including Vibrio cholerae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. T6SS is analogous to an inverted bacteriophage tail. T6SS injects antibacterial or anti-eukaryotic effectors to target cells through direct contact.  We are interested in characterizing T6SS-dependent effectors and their contribution to fitness and interaction with eukaryotic and prokaryotic competitors.  



Dr. Dong joined the Department of Ecosystem and Public Health in October 2013. Before he joined UCVM he was a Banting postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. John Mekalanos at Harvard Medical School working on bacterial secretion systems and virulence. He received his PhD in 2010 from McMaster University where he studied bacterial general stress response. Dr. Dong’s research will focus on the molecular ecology of waterborne microbes and will contribute to the Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets (ACWA) program at the U of C.

Looking for highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in bacterial pathogenesis and ecological research. Currently accepting new students