Kamala D. Patel


Physiology & Pharmacology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Full Member

Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases

PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of California, San Diego, USA

BA, Biochemistry

University of Utah, USA

Contact information


Office: 403.220.2746


Office : HRIC 4AA22

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Administrative Assistant:
Leslie Cooper

Research and teaching


Executive Director, Live Cell Imaging Laboratory

Co-lead, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship, Snyder Institute


My lab examines the mechanisms that regulate leukocyte trafficking in health and disease with a focus on human eosinophils and endothelial cells. Recently we expanded this work to develop and use fluorescent reporter mice to examine eosinophil trafficking in vivo in multiple organ systems including the lung and GI system. In another project we are examining Weibel-Palade bodies within endothelial cells using super resolution microscopy to determine the mechanisms regulating the release of coagulation and inflammation mediators.


President, Canadian Society for Immunology

Canada Research Chair, 2001-2011

ELAM Fellow 2008-09