Andrew P Braun


Physiology & Pharmacology

Associate Member

Snyder Institute for Chronic Diseases


Preferred method of communication

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Theresa Connolly

Lab Manager/Research Associate
Dr. Ramesh Mishra


Research and teaching


Research in my laboratory focuses on the regulation of blood flow and blood pressure by resistance arteries, and the vasoactive signaling mechanisms (e.g. nitric oxide release, electrical coupling and membrane hyperpolarization) underlying endothelium-dependent modulation of vascular smooth muscle contractility. We are particularly interested in calcium-activated K+ (KCa) channels expressed in both vascular endothelium and smooth muscle, which are critically involved in these processes. Pharmacologic manipulation of these channels is able to evoke either arterial dilation or constriction, and can be targeted to restore normal vascular function in resistance arteries from type 2 diabetic rats and patients.