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Precision Medicine in Nephrology Program

The Precision Medicine in Nephrology Research Program is comprised of researchers and clinicians at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine who share common interests in understanding the molecular and genetic mechanisms of kidney disease to define disease specific biomarkers, develop advanced diagnostic testing and targeted treatments for patients with kidney disease. 

Ultimately, our work is focused on producing novel evidence and data to support the integration of personalized testing and treatment options, or precision medicine, into clinical care.

We are working to achieve these goals through basic research projects, clinical research projects, and by establishing a Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease (BMCKD) to translate knowledge to patients with kidney disease.


Dr. Daniel Muruve 
Professor, Biobank Director

Dr. Hallgrimur Benediktsson  
Professor, Biobank Co-Director

Kevin Chapman 
Biobank Facilities Manager, Calgary Lab Services

Sharon Clark 
Laboratory Technologist

Michelle Mann 
Research Project Coordinator

Biobank Management Committee: Dr. Daniel Muruve, Dr. Hallgrimur Benediktsson, Dr. Leland Baskin, Dr. Chris Naugler, Dr. Richard Leigh, Dr. Serdar Yilmaz, Dr. Susan Samuel, Dr. Pietro Ravani, Taryn Rutherford, Michelle Mann & patient representatives.

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Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease

The Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease (BMCKD) is the first of its kind in Canada. The biobank, which stores biospecimens such as biopsy tissue, urine, and blood samples from patients with kidney disease, is a core component of the Precision Medicine in Nephrology Research Group.

The mission of the BMCKD is to become the leading resource for kidney disease research, renal pathology, and innovative diagnostic testing to further advance precision medicine.

Biospecimens are collected and stored in our facility by means of biopsy surgeries, participation in clinical research projects, as well as through volunteered donations. Our growing collection provides investigators and clinicians with an extremely unique and valuable resource which is available for use within two domains:


Investigators can apply to the BMCKD for permission to access and utilize biospecimens and/or data for nephrology research purposes.

Biobank Research Applications

If you have donated biospecimens or wish to donate biospecimens to the biobank, see Biobank Participants.

Clinical Care

In partnership with Calgary Lab Services and Alberta Health Services, the BMCKD houses pathology samples and data for many patients who have been diagnosed with kidney disease in Southern Alberta. Access to digitized images and data will soon be made available to clinicians to be used as a decision-making and clinical care tool in caring for these patients.

Biobank Research Applications

Thank you for your interest in conducting important research with the Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease (BMCKD).

We are currently accepting project applications. If you wish to access the samples and/or data stored within the Biobank to conduct your next research project, please be aware of the application process:

Diagram illustrating the Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney<br />
    Disease (BMCKD) application process

To submit a research application, please download the Research Application Form and email to Michelle Mann, Research Project Coordinator, at or (403) 210-7431.

A full description of the research application process is available within our Terms of Reference.

If you wish to partner with the Biobank to form a research agreement in which we will store the biospecimens collected throughout your clinical project or trial, please contact Dr. Daniel Muruve, Biobank Director, at

Biobank Participants

Thank you for your support and interest in the Biobank for the Molecular Classification of Kidney Disease (BMCKD). Whether you have already donated a biospecimen to the Biobank or if you are considering doing so for research purposes, we would like to express our gratitude for your contributions; the Biobank would not be operational if it were not for these donations. You play a critical role in advancing the medical understanding and treatment of kidney disease.

Currently, the BMCKD stores the following biospecimens: kidney biopsy tissue, urine samples, blood samples, and saliva samples.

If you are…

Interested in Donating

  • You must have been diagnosed with kidney disease prior to your donation
  • You can decide exactly which type of biospecimen and how many samples to donate
  • You can decide what kind of research studies or topics you would like your donations to be used for and what types of research you would like them excluded from
  • You can ask for any or all of your donations and/or personal information to be removed from the BMCKD database at any point in time after donating
  • You can contact us at any time to set up a donation consult and appointment

Already a Donor (Volunteer or Research Study Participant)

  • You can change the kind of research studies or topics you would like your donations to be used for and what types of research you would like them excluded from
  • You can ask for an update as to what your donations have been used for and if any research papers have been published from those studies
  • You can ask for any or all of your biospecimens and/or personal information to be removed from the BMCKD database at any point in time

For inquiries, please contact Michelle Mann, Research Project Co-ordinator, at (403) 210-7431 or

The BMCKD and its affiliated researchers operate under legally binding agreements with Calgary Lab Services, research and confidentiality agreements, standard operating procedures, and provincial privacy regulations. While the BMCKD acts as the custodian of your data and biospecimens with your consent, the donor maintains all ownership rights. All BMCKD research activities are approved by the University of Calgary’s Conjoint Health Research Ethics Board (CHREB). The safety and security of your personal information is of the upmost importance.

Studies and Publications

Study Title Principal Investigator Status Associated Publications

Biomarkers of Acute Kidney Injury After Coronary Catheterization

Trends in Biopsy-based Kidney Disease Diagnoses

Precision Medicine in Microscopic Hematuria

Risk Factors in Adult Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Patients: Identification of Biomarkers


Dr. Matthew James

Dr. Pietro Ravani

Dr. Daniel Muruve

Dr. Pat Hanly





Contact Us

For all media, research, and Biobank donations or participation inquiries, please contact:

Michelle Mann, PhD
Research Project Coordinator
(403) 210- 7431

For direct contact to the Biobank, please contact:

Kevin Chapman
Biobank Facilities Administrator/Calgary Lab Services Liason
(403) 210-7866

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